6 things to get you in the mood for Christmas…

Today I am sharing with you 6 things to get you in the middle for Christmas! I love Christmas and as soon as it hits December 1st then it’s time for everything festive! 

Warm Cosy Pyjamas 
Who doesn’t love warm cosy pyjamas, weather these are really cute Christmassy ones or cheap and tacky ones from Primark. My favourite ones to wear this one of year and my plaid ones I got last year from Primark along with my leopard print onesie. 


Candles are my jam, I love them and if I am in my room I will always have a couple burning. I also love to burn waxes in my wax burner as I find they give a stronger smell. 

Hot Chocolate

I’m pretty sure December is the only month that it’s acceptable to have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream on a daily basis. It’s just so yummy and warm! 

Festive Lips 

Ofcourse a festive lip to me means a red lip and they are my favourite type of lip. I have so many red lispticks that I like to rotate them daily so I get a chance to use them all. 

Festive Nails 

Nothing says Christmas like red, glittery nails! I like to rock a glittery nail for the whole of December and even November! I love pairing red and silver glitter together. Although you could go for a more subtle Christmas nails and use a nude shade with a glitter on top which looks equally as festive! 

Festive Body Wash 

Christmas can be everywhere, even in your shower. In December I love using Snow Fairy from Lush as it smells amazing and so Christmasy. This is actually still my bottle from last year as I never got around to finishing it up. I bet you can even buy a Christmas body lotion aswell! 

Let me know what gets you in the mood for Christmas! 


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