Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream / Friday’s Favoruite 

If you own this cream then you already know how good it is! I’ve had this tube for about a year and I still have loads left, I bought this because everyone on YouTube was raving about it and I can definelty see why. 

I used to only use this when I was at home as I thought the packaging was a little too big to carry around in my hand bag. But recently I’ve been taking it everywhere with me. I used it on everything and anything. Originally I only used it on my lips but now I use it on my hands. The last time I was away I kept getting dry hands from washing them loads and my mum gave me her hand cream but that did t help, they still felt dry. So then I started using this cream and it made all the difference. It is a little bit greasy to use on your hands but I really didn’t mind. I just don’t like dry hands so this was better for me. 

Even though this is quite an expensive product you can keep an eye out on Amazon as they often have it on sale for around £12 which is how much I paid. 

I’m that person who even likes the smell (and taste of it) I’ve gotten so used to t that I enjoy it! Next time it goes on offer I will be picking up another tube. 

I can’t recommend this product enough if you have dry lips of hands or anywhere on your body. 


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