Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

This must be one of the most hyped about concealers and I finally own it! 

I have never really been a big concealer fan but after hearing everyone rave about it I decided to try this one out a few more!  

By using concealer I have actually found my mae up sits a lot better and lasts a lot longer. I apply this concealer under my eyes and then bake with a powder on top and find it works wonders! 

I bought the lightest shade and this is great for brightening under my eyes and even if my foundation isn’t full coverage it makes my face look complete. 

I also used this concealer to cover a spot and then applied my foundation on top and you couldn’t even tell there was a spot there. 

This concealer is definelty worth the hype and as the price is so low that makes it ever better. Sometimes you don’t need to pay over the odds as the drugstore do just as good or better versions. 

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