Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick Dupes 

A huge craze is the Kylie Jenner lipkits this year but not everyone wants to spend a huge amount on a product so I have found some dupes! These dupes are by the brand Dragon and sold on Amazon for only £1.69 each. 

See them for yourself here! 
They have quite a range of colours which look very similar to the Kylie colours. I have Candy K by Kylie and will be testing out how similar they are in another blog post coming soon. 

My first impression is a good one, the worse part is that they took nearly 6 weeks to arrive but for the price you can’t complain. I bought colours which I don’t own and that are very unusual. 

Here are swatches from all the colours I bought, as you can see they are pretty opaque and they seem to glide on really nicely. They have great staying power as I swatches these on my hands yesterday and they are still on their the next day! 

Here is the shade which I will comparing to Candy K! From the packaging you can see it is pretty much identical, but you can tell that it not as good quality as a higher end product. 

Stay tuned for when I compare these to Kylie Cosmetics! 

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