Real Techniques Sponge // Friday’s Favourite 

These sponges from Real Techniques have changed my life! I bought these on a wim at the beginning of the year and have not looked back. Of course at the time I was a bit reluctant to spend £8 on them but they are totally worth it and as you can see they are well loved! I use them everyday to apply my foundation, I only used to use my fingers to apply my foundation but after using a sponge it changes everything! 

I like to soak my sponge and then squeeze it out and then squeeze it in a flannel to dry it even more. I then applying my foundation to my face and then blend in using the sponge. Just my dabbing the foundation in you Crete a flawless even coverage which looks really natural. 

I am really bad about washing these sponges as I always forget, but I do try my best to remember. I have found that coconut oil and soap works really well at cleaning the sponges and getting rid of all the left over foundation. 

I definelty recommend these sponges as a cheaper alternative to a Beauty Blender. 

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  1. Emma says:

    These are amazing aren’t they! I do own the Beauty Blender which I love but I really like the flat side on the RT Sponges.

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      I’ve had to use the flat side as my round side is wrecked 😭 but luckily I had two more on the way haha


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