A Day In Reykjavik, Iceland 

In October my best friend and I visited Iceland as this had been on our bucket list for quite a while now, I will be doing another blog post on my critical review and how I felt about as a trip. Lets just say I wasn’t as impressed as I should of been but some of it was good.We began our journey at 7:35 departing from our local airport and arrived in Iceland 3 hours later. When we arrived we had the hard part of finding our transfer, as we had booked through Groupon we really needed to make sure we read the small print otherwise we would have had loads of things go wrong. We eventually found our transfer and began our journey to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we had to wait in a little area while our room was being cleaned ready for us. The view from the hotel was pretty nice, views of mountains and typical Iceland. The hotel room was pretty basic, but we managed. After layering up we set out to find the town centre.
We had been given directions to the bus stop, however we did not find any busses so we ended up walking the entire way which took around 40 minutes. On the way we did stop for lunch as we had not eaten since breakfast at the airport. We stopped at a pizza place and ate there. Thank God for iPhones and GPS or we would not have gotten anywhere! We then navigated our way to the big church called Hallgrimskirkja which is the tallest church in Iceland. Before going up the top to look out over the city we decided to go on the city site seeing bus which was a huge mistake. Not only did we wait over 40 minutes for it because it didn’t show up on time, but we were only allowed to stay on for an hour because it finished early so we couldn’t get of at any stops.
Once we arrived back at the bus stop opposite the Hallsgrimkirkja we quickly made our way up to the lookout point which once again we only had half an hour before it closed. But to be honest that was way longer than we needed because as you can imagine it was so cold up there!
As we were on a day trip the next day which had an early pick up we needed to get some breakfast and lunch for it, so we went to a shop called Bonus which is a local supermarket. The best thing that I bought from there was by far jaffa cakes! Luckily we chose to do our food shopping before we ate dinner as the shops also shut early.
For dinner that night we went to what seemed like an American style diner and then got a taxi back to the hotel.

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