Is Iceland over rated? 

Iceland had been on my bucket list for ages, and I was super excited about going. I had a feeling that I would definelty want to to go back again because I thought it was going to be amazing. However I don’t feel that way now that I’ve been. 

I am super happy and grateful that I have been, and it’s another place crossed off the map. However I think it is so over rated. But then I guess it depends on your expectations before you go, obviously seeing loads of photos and watching loads of videos really influenced my opinion about going and I thought it was going to exactly like that. Even though it wasn’t what I thought we still had a great time. 

I just feel that it’s a place that once you’ve seen one you don’t need to see I again anytime soon. However I think my opinion would be different if it was snowing, when we went it was about 9 degrees warmer than it should of been for October. 

With regards to the Golden Circle Tour I can’t fault that, it is so well planned and the bus drivers are so nice. What I really loved about this tour was the fact that we were on a mini bus, instead of a coach which made everything a lot quicker and easier. This also meant that there wasn’t beards of tourist at each location which meant better photos. 

I guess a major part which made me really disappointed was the fact we didn’t get to see the northern lights. Our tour got cancelled twice because of the weather. But it’s purely pot luck whether you see them and they say it doesn’t matter what time of year, just depends on Mother Nature. We booked through Reykjavik Excursions and I would totally recommend them, they have wonderful customer service! 

Now onto the Blue Lagoon, I was so excited for this because of all the photos I had seen so I was looking forward to recreating them myself. What I loved was the fact that bear enough everyone had their phones/cameras in the water taking selfies so it didn’t feel awkward having little photo shoots. Even though this is one of the most popular places it didn’t seem that busy, you could always find a secluded place in the water to get photos. The face mask they provide for free is the best face mask ever, it made my skin look great! However looking at the airport this face mask is £55 for a little tube of it, which means it must be good! 

The City Sightseeing Red Bus was not worth the money what so ever, we waited for 40 minutes and it didn’t follow the timetable. After we had paid for a ticket which was £25 we found out that we could only spend an hour on it before it shut, so we couldn’t get off anywhere an explore which was really disappointing. 

A must do in the centre is the Hallsgrimkirkja the tallest church in Iceland. It costs 600krona to go up, and it’s actually really quiet compared to other city view points I’ve been too in other countries. So this is definelty worth the money. 

As for the money side of it, yes it is expensive! I find every country I visit if very different with how much stuff costs but Iceland was just so expensive! We paid the equivalent on £20 for a 3 minute taxi ride! My friend paid the equivalent of £7 for one slice of cake! So Iceland is not the place to do if you want to stick to a budget! 

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