Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Review // Friday’s Favourite 

I have been so eager to try this foundation out but I have so many on the go so I resisted. However when I was packing my make up bag for Iceland I decided to take it with me. 

A few things influenced my decision, the first being the fact it was a light plastic bottle where as a lot of my other foundations are in heavy glass bottles. So practically it’s really good for traveling as it won’t smash. The second reason is what the foundation claims to do for you skin. 

An oil free formulation, containing soothing moisturisers with healing properties, for a flawless Matte finish.

Instantly I knew this one would be perfect for being outside in the wind and rain! I really like that it feels more like a moisturiser when applied and that it has a matte finish as that is my favourite finish.

The fact that it keeps your skin moisturiser throughout the day means that your skin doesn’t get dry or flakey and I felt it lasted a lot longer than my normal foundation. 

Another great reason to buy this foundation is the price, it is only £5.99 and is definelty worth the money. 

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  1. I love trying new foundations! my skin can get dry during winter so a moisturising foundation sounds perfect xx

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