Mac Liquid Lipstick Haul + First Impressions

These liquid lipsticks from Mac have been out for what seems like ages and I was never really interested in them. But after being bought a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit I could see why there was such a craze about them. So finally I decided to buy two of them!

As red is my favourite go to colour for any occasion I chose a bright red in the shade Fashion Legacy. And as it is autumn I decided I needed a dark purple shade so I chose High Drama.

As you can see the colour of Fashion Legacy is beautiful and will definelty be my go shade from now on! I have to actually try them out properly. But when I applied this to my lips I glided on really nicely and was really easy to apply. 

However High Drama seems to be the opposite, I found this really hard to apply and I found it was patchy. But I did watch a few swatching videos on YouTube and they all said the same thing, but apparently you can build it up. I also found that when I applied this to my lips I really needed a lip liner, at the moment I don’t have one this shade so I can’t actually wear it just yet. 

But over all I’m so glad I managed to buy these and I will definelty buy more in the near future! 

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  1. I honestly did not know MAC had liquid lipsticks until the post, so thank you for this post! xx

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Your very welcome! Will you be buying any? Xx

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      1. Probably, they look amazing. xx

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  2. Aw that’s so unfortunate, high drama looks amazing! I’d still try it though, the colour’s so gorgeous it’s worth the extra effort haha. Loved reading this xoxo
    my latest post 💕

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      I’ve bought a lip liner that matches it so hopefully that will make all the difference 🙂 xx


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