Lush Haul 

This month I decided I should pick up some of the Halloween products and a couple of face masks. 

I picked up Catastrophe Cosmetic which is designed to help your skin when it breaking out. It contains blueberries and camomile to help your skin recover. I then picked up Cosmetic Warrior which is also to tackle spots, but this one doesn’t smell as nice as contains garlic. I love Lush face masks! 

I have been wanting to try a massage bar for ages and this seemed to be the most popular one so I chose this. The smell is really unusual but I love it, it smells really relaxing and spa like. 

Omg! How adorable is he! This little ghost is a bath melt and I couldn’t help but buy him! 

This is my second sparkly pumpkin and I can’t wait to use it closer to Halloween! It is covered in glitter and you get covered in glitter every time you touch it. But it’s so pretty! 

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  1. livilovessite says:

    Ahhhh the Halloween stuff is so cute!

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