What’s in my travel makeup/ toiletry bag for Iceland 

When you are reading this I should be in Iceland! If you want to see what I am up to there go and check out my Instagram @toritalks and @toriiitravels for hopefully some amazing photos!

As we are only going to Iceland for 3 nights we only have hand luggage allowance, which when your a make up addict like me it’s hard! I have managed to make everything fit perfectly and have no room left for any extras. 

I have managed to pack everything apart from my liquids in my toiletry bag from Primark. My liquids are in clear plastic bag in a accessible place to get to when going through security. 

I have chosen to pack two primers, I love the MAC one as I know this really helps my make up last. But I also wanted to try out the Benefit Porefessional primer as I thought this may make my skin look smoother. For foundation I have chosen one by Barry M, I chose this because helps repair and moisten your skin while wearing it and I thought being out in the cold, wind and rain it would help a lot. I have picked one concealor, as we are probably going to be really busy I thought a really thick heavy duty concealor would be best to make my skin more awake. 

For powders I have stuck to my typical two which I know work well and keep me shine free all day. 

I have picked to favourites for my brows, the MUA LUXE Brow power creates more put together brows where as the Maybelline Brow Drama creates a messier look. To set both of these I am bringing Benefit Gimme Brow. 

My sample sizes are finally coming in handy! I have picked my Nars Audascious mascara which is a great mascara and creates really black defined lashes. And for more volume lashes I have picked a mascara from Clinique. 

I have picked the Collection highlight and sculpt duo, I love the contour shade! I have then also packed an ELF duo in the shade Fiji as it’s a great bronze shade and finally a mini Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer.

For highlight I have packed a variety of colours, MAC Soft and Gentle which is more of a pinky shimmer shade. And then I also picked two mini highlighters from Benefit, I used Watts Up for the first time the other day and fell in love! Definelty need to get a full size version soon! 

I’m not a huge blush person so I’ve managed to save loads of space my adding these little ones from Too Faced and Benefit. Once again these are different shades so I can pick which one I want to wear each day. 

By saving room on blush have meant I have more room for lipsticks! Of course lipsticks are my weakness so I have to pick one in every shade. (Left to right) Milani Fearless, Kiko, Nars No Shame, Illamasqua Box, Mac Amourous. 

For eye shadow I have picked out two favourites which are perfect for Autumn. 

I have tried to keep brushes to a minimum so I only have packed these ones which is probably more than enough anyway. 

As I only have a small plastic bag to put my liquids in I had to be sensibile. I have packed a bottle of shampoo, and then luckily I had collected 3 conditioners out of magazines which are perfect for when you can’t take loads! 

I initially wasn’t going to pack the Lee Stafford  hair oil, but I thought I should as my hairs going to be in the weather and the Blue Lagoon. I have also collected a packet of body oil which I am also taking to use after the Blue Lagoon to make sure my skins hydrated. 

I have had these Sephora Shower Gels for 2 years and finally have a reason to use these! And also a packet of tissues because you never know when your going to need them. 

A handy tip for packing only 100ml is to get a solid deodorant! And also taking a half empty tooth paste! 

I have squirted some face wash into this little bottle from Sephora, and some Toner into the white bottle. For moisturiser I have packed one by Vichy, an eye cream from Caudalie and a mini perfume. A lot of these minis came in beauty boxes, so finally it’s paid off getting them all! 

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram to see what I am up to in Iceland! 

@toritalks  @toriiitravels

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  1. Jenny says:

    So many great products! I love these kind of posts!



  2. ninetynines says:

    Loved reading this post so much! Hope you’ll have a blast of a time in Iceland (I’m low key kinda jealous, haha 🙈)


  3. livilovessite says:

    That little bag is so cute 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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