Step By Step Make Up Tutorial For Beginners (Face Only)

This post is dedicated to my best friend Meg, she has asked me for some advice about what products she should buy and how to use them. Hopefully this will help someone else out who is just starting with make up, make sure to leave your tips in comments below. 

Step 1 Primer
Primer is applied to help your make up stick to your face better, it also helps create a good base for your make up. Deciding on what primer you use will depend on your skin type and what you want to achieve. If you have oily skin then a a primer which is going to mattify your skin would be perfect. But if you have dry skin then you should look for a primer which is going to help give more a dewy base.
Apply a small pea sized amount of primer to your fingers and massage into your face focusing on your t-zone (forehead,nose and chin). I always like to let my primer sink in a bit before I apply my foundation so I tend to do my eye shadow while I wait.

Step 2 Foundation
Foundation is such a tricky part, and I think if your unsure of what shade you need you should ask a shop worker as they will be able to help you out. As I am quite pale in the winter months I pick Ivory or Porcelain as I know they will match me, and even if their too light I can add some colour through bronzer. Up until last year I only ever applied my foundation using my fingers, I tried a brush but didn’t like the way it applied. But now I use a sponge and could never go back to a time before it. By using a sponge I think it creates a much more even coverage and looks so much more natural as it prevents you from caking it on.

**TIP** Soak your sponge in warm water and then squeeze out excess using a towel

Step 3 Conceal
I have only started concealing recently and I am so glad it is a part of my routine now. I dont tend to conceal spots, because i have yet to find an amazing concealer which can cover a huge red crater on my face but I do conceal under my eyes. I tend to pick concealers which are brightening and not drying. At the minute a few favourites of mine are Collection Lasting Perfection, Rimmel Wake Me Up and Maybelline Dream Lumi. When I pick a concealor for under my eyes I always buy the lightest shade as this really brightens, although this is hard when you wear a light foundation as well.

**TIP** Apply your concealor in a triangle shape under your eyes and blend using your sponge

Step 4 Set
Setting your make up is so important, it keeps the make up in place looking good and keeps it on your face for longer. Lets start with setting your under eye concealor, to do this I use a technique called baking. I have found a really cheap alternative to a lot of high end loose powders and it is only £1.99, the Natural Collection Loose Powder in Translucent. As this is translucent its not going to add any colour, its just going to stop your under eye area from creasing. To apply this is use my damp beauty sponge and dab it in the pot and then under my eye, I apply a few coats so I look like a crazy person and then let it sit there and set (baking). While this is baking I like to then do my mascara.
Once it has finished baking you can brush off the excess.
To set the rest of my face I use my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent. This is my go to powder and the only one I have in my collection. I apply a liberal amount over my face and focus on my t-zone so I can reduce the shine for later in the day.

**TIP** If your not going to be wearing eye shadow make sure you add a little bit of powder to your lids to stop creasing and to prevent any mascara transfering.

Step 5 Bronze
Bronzer is very much personal preference and depends on your skin. To be safe when starting out I would choose a light one, so you can build up the colour rather than applying to much and trying to blend. I would also reccomend sticking to a matte bronzer rather than a shimmery bronzer as it will look more natural. With regards to placement, keep it very simple and natural, on your cheek bones and a little on your forehead. Where the sun hits you naturally. And blending is key! Here you can see a few of my favourite bronzers.

**TIP** Try and do your make up in natural lighting as it will give a truer colour

Step 6 Blush
I have to admit I’m not a huge blush fan and I feel most days I could just wear bronzer, but that being said a pop of colour on your cheeks does make you look more alive and put together. Picking a colour is pretty much down to you and what you think will suit you, I tend to go for light pinks in the summer and a little bit darker in the winter. Building up colour is great, so just take a little bit on your brush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Make sure you blend!

Step 7 Highlight
This is my favourite step, adding some light to my face and making it glow. I have so many highlighters, but there so pretty so can you really blame me. Their like the Ferrari of the make up world. When I pick a highlight shade I either pick it because its super pretty or because I’ve read reviews and know its a good one. You don’t even have to spend £20 on one, there are some good drugstore £3 ones aswell as you can see from my photo.
When apply highlighter I like to use my fan brush, but a normal fluffy brush will do. I whisk it around the pan and then lightly stroke it on my cheek bones and up a little by my eye brows to create a c shape. I also like to add some highlight under my eye brows on the brow bone and on the cupids bow of my lips.

Hope this helps you out! 

Leave your tips in the comments below! 


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  1. rania noor says:

    Absolutely love how detailed this is! x


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    Loved this 🙂 great for beginners x


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    Really nice post 🙂

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      Thank you

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  4. Ahh the pictures in this post are gorgeous! Can tell you put a lot of effort in! Im hoping to get a camera soon and maybe that will help me with my poor photography 😀 xox

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    1. Aww thank you! I never use a camera for my
      Photos I’m too lazy 🙄 good luck xx

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  5. Haha well im very jealous! Thank you! I hate to self promote but i can see you are a makeup lover and im giving away a makeup brush set on my blog- the post has only just gone up so there are not many entries atm so it may be worth looking at if youre interested! xxx

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      1. Ah that’s strange! I’ll check that, it may be my old site you are clicking on- the new one is xx


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