Autumn Skin Care Routine 

A very recent purchase of mine has been micellar water from Garnier, I have been using this to take my make up before I use a proper wash. I don’t tend to take all of it off using the water as I don’t want to waste loads of cotton pads, but I take of the majority. 

I then follow up using a pump of the Garnier Pure Active cleanser on my Clarisonic which I have been using for nearly 2 years now! Most nights I will double cleanse because I hate the idea of still having make up on my skin. 

If I have been wearing lipstick or my lips feel a bit dry I will use the Velour Lip Scrub by Jeffrey Star to give them a good scrub. I then follow with a face make twice or three times a week and these vary. But at the minute I have been loving the Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask as this is also a scrub. I have also hair started using the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask which gives you a week a of moisture. I have 2 more left and then I may repurchase as they were only £1. 

Now onto the next step, I use the Skin Clear Cleansing Lotion from Boots every time I wash my face as I didn’t it really helps keep your skin clean and stops bacteria. And then every so often I will use the Simple Purifying Lotion. I will always spray a spritz of the Superdrug Vitamin E toner onto my face as I love this range. 

When I was my face in the morning the only change I make is my moisturiser. I like the use one specific for day use as they normally contain spf and are quite light so your make up won’t look terrible when applied. I also like to use this eye cream from Olay to add some extra moisture to help my concealor not dry out. 

My nighttime moisture routine changes daily and depends on how I feel. I like to use rose hip oil and let that sink in and then before I go to sleep I will apply a little Olay night cream. And on days where my skin has had a tough day I will use the Vitamin E mask from Superdrug to give my skin a bit of a pamper. 

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  1. livilovessite says:

    I love that mask 😀

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