Santorini, Greece 

While I was in Crete I was lucky enough to go to Santorini.It was a very early start, and a 2 hour boat ride followed by a scary coach ride up the edge of the cliffs. We visited Oia first and spent an hour and a half there and then was taken to Fira where we spent 3 hours. 


As we only had an hour and a half in Oia it went so quick, but to be honest it was probably enough. It was so hot and so busy! There was just piles of people wandering through the little streets and everyone stopping to take photos and you can see why! 

We walked right along the path to the edge and up some stairs where we met a donkey, and looked out over the island. It definelty was just like all the photos I’ve seen but better! 

We even manages to find Lolitas which I have seen all over Instagram so as soon as I saw it I ran in for an icecream. We then made our way back to the coach and started our journey to Fira. While in Fira we had a choice of activities to but we chose to stay in the town and do some souvenir shopping.


Fira wasn’t exactly what I expected, it was a lot more open and just like any other town you go to. So if you want the white wash houses on the edge of the cliff then Oia is for you! 

We ended up spending about 2 and a half hours hear due to traffic. When we arrived we went straight for some lunch and then did some souvenir shopping. 

Overall Santorini is a lovely island and Oia is definelty the place to see. 

Head over to my Instagram @juliettetalks to see more photos from my holiday.

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