Collection Powder // New Make Up Monday 

This past month I decided to try a setting powder underneath my eyes as they always crease under there. Ofcourse I have seen everyone go on about the really expensive ones but I wasn’t willing to spend that much. Instead I remembered a product I used to use years ago and decided to try it out. 

This translucent setting powder from Boots is only £1.99 so for that price how much can you expect? 

Well, I actually really love it! It works! I don’t really use concelor under my eyes on an everyday basis but while I was on holiday I took the opportunity to try out some new things. I used the Loreal Lumi concelor and then set it using my new powder. I also tried baking which I had never tried until my holiday. 

I applied the powder on using a sponge and pressed it into the skin, and then applied a few layers so it was noticable. After a few minutes I brushed it off. 

I am so impressed with this powder, and I do want to try some more but for now this one for £1.99 really does the job! 

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  1. livilovessite says:

    I think I’ll try this out 😀 thanks!


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