A week in Crete // The Island Hotel 

Over the summer I went on my summer holiday to Crete, Greece. I stayed in the most amazing hotel for a week in Gouves. The hotel was called the Island and I definelty recommend it! When we arrived we had a long walk to the room and thought, oh no this is going to be a repeat of last year (we had to change rooms three times!) but low and behold it wasn’t! When the porter showed us into the room we were shocked! What we were looking at was the downstairs, and there was a spiralling stair case going upstairs! That wasn’t even the best part, the best was that our room opened up on the pool and we had our own private decking to sit out on! The amazing this is that we never paid for this room, we had only paid for a basic room so we couldn’t believe it! This was the cheapest holiday we’ve had at £700 each yet it was the most amazing hotel and room! As we arrived really late at night it was pretty much straight to bed. 

As you can see this hotel was picturesque,everything about it was perfect and totally instagramable. 

The dining area was huge and there was loads of seats. They had 4 different areas to sit depending on where you wanted to be, inside or out, undercover or out in the sun. So this is perfect, obviously we had to sit he furthest away which meant walking a long was to where the food was set out. 

There were 4 pools in the hotel, yet I only swam in 2. Even around the pools and in the pools it wasn’t busy, it always seemed like people were coming and going and the hotel was never full which was really nice. 

In the reception area they also have FREE flavoured water! I have never had this at any hotel before, so it was great being able to call into reception and get a glass of lemon water to hydrate. 

When booking this hotel we thought it was cheap because of the area it was in, normally Thomsons hotels are in the middle of nowhere and have nothing close. But out the back of this hotel was a few little touristy shops and restaurants and out to the left of the hotel was even more shops! The area was perfect! 

Even the sunset from dinner was perfect! 

I definelty recommend this hotel 100% and I wouldn’t go back for sure! 

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