Benefit Dew The Hoola // New Make Up Monday 

Who doesn’t love a free bronzer, well by free I mean I had to spend £4 on a magazine which I didn’t even read to just get it. I picked this up at the airport and thought why not, start of the my holiday I may aswell treat myself. I never really seem to buy Benefit products at all, I have had a powder Hoola Bronzer but that was way before I started blogging. However I think I will add a few bits from Benefit on my Christmas list (too soon to start making a list?). 

I didn’t really get a chance to use this while on holiday as I had a tan and didn’t find this showed up enough but I’m hoping as my tan fades and I got back to my pale self I can use it. 

As for the packaging I think it’s super cute and really handy, obviously this is only a sample size but to be fair for the amount I will actually use it it will be perfect. Having quite a big make up collection means I never quite finish one product as I’m always rotating them out. 

It is such a pretty colour and seems like it is easy to blend and I’ll give a really natural look on your cheeks. 

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