Make Up Tips for Beginners

I have been inspired to create a blog post dedicated to what I wish I knew when I first started wearing makeup. Luckily I didn’t have to many make up mishaps as my make up up obsession really started to expand when I started watching YouTube so i already knew a fair bit. But back in school I used to wear a little bit of mascara and some foundation. First of all my mum bought my make up, so she bought me the Boots No7 brand as that is what she uses. But as soon as I started earning money from my paper round I decided I would try out some drugstore brands. And so my journey began into an obsession…

Skin Care

I would say the biggest problem I always had when I was younger was not having good skin, I had spots, this meant that my make up didn’t always look good. Its not always about having the most expensive foundation, if your skin isn’t good then it doesn’t matter what foundation you apply. You really need to establish a skin care regime, one that works for you and gives your skin what it needs. Not everyones skin is the same, so it doesn’t matter what your friend is using it may not work for you. I remember always using products with salicylic acid in but this actually made my skin worse as it was so strong. Its always good to remember that if you start a new skin care routine it will take a good few weeks for you to notice a difference and see your skin changing. I also find that exfoliating your skin a few times a week really helps refresh your skin and get rid of any dead skin cells. One of my favourites is the Sea Salt Scrub from Lush, plus it smells amazing.


If you want your foundation to sit nicely and not look dry or flakey, then moisturiser is the key. Even if you have oily skin your skin stills needs moisture. I really like to use Loreal ones as i find them rich is ingredients that help with any breakouts and reapir my skin without being harsh. I also really like to use moisture masks as you can leave these on all night to let it soak in. A personal favourite at the minute is the Vitamin E Leave on Mask from Superdrug.


I have to admit priming is a pretty recent occurance for me but now I won’t go a day with out! I find my makeup sits much better and applies a lot easier. Plus it lasts longer throughout the day. Each primer does something different, so if you have oily skin then a primer which wil keep your skin looking matte will be perfect for you. 


There are so many foundations out there, so it may be a bit daunting with which one to buy. Before I buy any make up I always look up reviews and swatches to see what other people think. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Loreal foundation, as with the majority of drugstore foundations at the moment. Just remember you don’t always need to spend £20+ on a foundation, there are some really good drugstore ones for a third of the price. Unless you know for sure what shade you are, I would most definitely go into a store and purchase one so you get the right shade. Through trial and error you will find what brands and formulas work best for you.


While applying your foundation it is important to blend, blend and blend. So many people make the mistake of only applying foundation to their face so you can see a clear line of where the foundation ends and your neck begins. So it is important to not only apply foundation to your face but also drag it down your neck a little to make the colour match more natural. Blending not only applies to your foundation but to everything you put on your face, you want to keep harsh lines off your face and make them soft. Blend your eye shadow, blend your contour, your bronzer and your blush.


Setting your make up is an important step, if you have picked a good powder then hopefully you should not need to touch up during the day. A favourite of mine is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder which works wonders, even in hot weather and keeps my make up look matte.

Make Up Removal 

As soon as I get home from a day of wearing make up the first thing I do is take it off. I like to use a cleanser to take of the initial layer, then I use a face wash to make sure everything is 100% gone. There is nothing worse than sleeping in make up, at night this is when your skin repairs itself and with a face caked in make up it can’t do that.

Eye Brows

Eye brows seem to be main focus of the face these days, a full thick eye brow frames the face and makes you look younger. And there are so many options on what to apply to your eye brows from powders, pomades, gels, mascara. There are a lot of affordable brands out there to try. Eye brows generally are a little bit darker that your hair colour so even though my hair is blonde I always do a medium brown brow so they stand out more.


Youtube is such a huge part of the beauty community and is such an amazing outlet for make up that you could learn to do anything! I really wish Youtube was a thing when I was younger, as this would of helped me so much with make up back then. Its also a bad thing because it influences me to buy so much make up that I don’t need (but really I do). There are so many amazing beauty gurus out their with hundred of tutorials! 

Some of my favourites are Tanya Burr & Shaaanxo!

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  1. beebeauty says:

    Shaaanxo is my absolute favoutie!

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Mine too!


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