Summer Morning Routine 

Waking Up In the summer I am way more motivated to get up and out of bed as I want to catch some rays in the garden. On this day I had set my alarm for half 9 but woke naturally at 9, I always find thy if I wake up naturally I am lesstired than if I have a alarm going off in my ear. So ofcourse it’s a little to early to go and sit in the garden so I still like to lounge around in bed for a while to enjoy my summers morning. Also now that it’s the summer holidays one of my jobs has now ended till September so I am only work in the late afternoon/evening which is perfect! 

Social Media 

While I am lying in bed the first thing I do is pull my blind up a bit so add some extra light into my room so it stops me from going back to sleep. Next I grab my phone and IPad. My first social media stop is Instagram (@juliettetalks) to catch up on everything I’ve missed while I was asleep. I then check on snapchat and then my watsapp messages from my friends and work. Once I have done this I started watching my YouTube subscriptions so I can catch up on them. By this time I’m getting a little hungry so I make myself a big glass of water to hydrate myself. 


Once I have finsihed up with YouTube I then venture downstairs and make my breakfast. My breakfast changes all the time, depending on what I am doing that day depends on what I have. So today I just had some jam toast as I didn’t need a big breakfast as I would be having lunch before I went to work. After I have had my breakfast I go back upstairs and make my bed. 

Getting Ready 

Getting ready in the mornings now is super easy as it requires no make up as I am not going anywhere. I put on a playsuit so I can go and sit in the sun. I then apply my face sunscreen and let that sit for about half an hour before I actually go outside. I then collect up everything I need to sit in the garden and keep myself entertained. This means sunglasses, lip balm, a bottle, sunscreen, magazine and my notebook to plan some blogposts. 

Catching some rays 

Finally it is about 11am and the sun is just getting warm and is right over my garden so I can enjoy the rest of my relaxing morning. 

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