A day in Blackpool 

Last Saturday my best friend and I drove up to Blackpool to visit my bestfriend from Uni. Ofcourse it’s me, and if it’s July I assume it is summer, but when we arrived and it was rainy and cloudy and windy, my short playsuit didn’t seem like a good idea. I basically froze the whole day, and as I didn’t bring anything remotely for winter apart from pjs I couldn’t do anything about it. After walking along the North Pier my other best friend met us and the main reason for this little trip was to swap birthday presents (mine was 7 months ago and hers was the week before). We had to wait till we could check in before we could open presents so we went for a walk on the beach. 

I love the beach and will always have a little paddle where ever I am in the world what ever the weather is like. As you can see from the photo it wasn’t exactly the most summeriest day, but that didn’t stop me. I had a little paddle took some pictures and then nearly lost my sandals as the tide came in so quickly! 

Incase you can’t tell by now I love this Snapchat filter, my whole Instagram is filled with selfies using it (@juliettetalks). So we took some selfies, OK, maybe a lot of selfies but you have to get the perfect one. We then headed back to the hotel and checked in to our room. 

Next stop was PRESENTS! I really had no idea what my friend had got me, but secretly I was wishing for one thing imparticular and I got it! We took it in turns opening one present at a time…

After we had opened our presets I ofcourse Instagrammed one item straight away. Our friend from Uni who lives in Blackpool was meeting up with us that day aswell so she met us and we went for a walk along the front. 

This peir and wheel reminded me so much of Santa Monica! 

We went into the arcade and all played on the Donkey Derby and my best friend won and she gave me the shark! Also we met Captain Jack! After all that excitement we went to get my favourite thing…ice cream which turned into a sticky situation. 

After ice cream we literally went and had fish and chips because it was getting late and was worried about places closing on a Sunday evening. We went to a cute little place called Welcome to The Sea which was really nice and such a good price! 

After dinner we back to our hotel room to have some birthday cake and played a few rounds of Head Ups. At 7pm half the group left so me and my other best friend decided to get showered and go for a walk down to the south peir which was miles away! I was so windy and cold and I was once again in shorts! But I have to say the wind dried my hair very quickly! 

To see more of my photos from Blackpool and all my upcoming trips go and follow me on Instragram @juliettetalks 🙂 

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  1. Sounds like a really nice place.. if you wear pants at least haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliettetalks says:

      Yes next time I need to dress for winter apparently haha


  2. Great photos and beauty products! They are must try’s!

    Liked by 1 person

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