My Top Daytime Lipsticks 

Lipsticks are my guilty pleasure, I can’t seem to go long without buying one. So I’ve decided to sort out my faveouite lipsticks for the daytime, as its summer I’ve stuck with pinks to keep with the theme. Plus I love a good pink lip! 

I have picked 7 lipsticks from my collection that are day time appropriate, I found it quite hard actually as I love bright and bold lips. These are the more subtle pinks that are good for a everyday natural look. There is also a selection of finishes, some matte and some glossy as it depends on what you like. Personally I like matte as I find it stays in place and is longer wearing. Where as if I wear a glossy lip I am always worried about my hair flying around and wiping my lipstick all over my face. 

Maybelline 418 This is a peach shade and is very different from all the other shades I have picked. 

Rimmel 101 This is a matte finish and is very similar Mac Please Me. 

Rimmel 28 This is more of a subtle lip and is more on the transparent glossy side so it adds a nice shine to your lips. 

New Look 71 This is another matte lipstick, like I said their my favourite. I love this lipstick and have been meaning to try out more of New Looks make up. 

Mac Snob Snob is a satin finish but it still looks pretty matte but more creamy. 

Mac Saint Germain This is an amplified lipstick so it’s a little brighter and bolder than the others. I really like this as its the perfect Barbie pink. 

Mac Please Me And the final one is a matte, again. This is one of the more darker pinks. 

What are your go to daytime lipsticks for the summer? 

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  1. Bella says:

    Lovely list you got there! Some of my current go-to’s are MAC Brave, Twig, Colourpop Brink, RAYEzor, and The Balm Hugh Matte in Committed Xx

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you 🙂 I havnt tried a lipstick from the balm yet! And I’m buying my best friend brave for her birthday 😜

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  2. tazziedee says:

    Mac please me looks great! And I really need to try out new looks lipstick. Quite a few people seem to really like them x

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      I only have one, but I really like it. Need to go buy a few more shades 👌🏼

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  3. Pretty! Rimmel 101 looks like a great everyday shade. I love Mac lipsticks! I tend to reach for Mac’s faux, velvet teddy and twig the most. I also love Nars Pago Pago! It’s a beautiful nude!


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  4. Molly says:

    All these colors are so pretty! I’ve been wanting Snob for awhile. Lovely post!

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  5. Lovely post! Mac Please me looks so pretty❤️

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