Product Empties #6

Skin Care

In my empties this month are a lot of my favourite items, first of all my favorite face mask from Lush, Don’t Look At Me. I recieved this face mask free when I took back 5 empty pots. And it’s bright blue and amazing! I mainly like it because of the colour, but it also smells really fresh and a really exfoliating when you take it off. Really need to purchase another one of these! Another face mask is Brazened Honey, this was a less popular one for me. I wasn’t a fan of it but I used it anyway. So I wouldn’t buy this one again. No7 Over Night Eye Serum, this was in a box of other No7 products from my best friend for Christmas and I’ve finally used it up. I found this really hydrating and cooling on my under eyes. Superdrug Vitamin E Mask is my favorite skin care product at the moment and I’m about to finding up my second run of it. It’s £2.99 and it’s wonderful, it leaves my skin feeling great and full of moisture. Superdrug Vitamin E Toner is another great product from Superdrug and it’s so cheap! I like to spray this on before the mask so I get loads of Vitamim e. Clean and Clear Balckhead Cleanser, I used this every night to get rid of the black heads on my nose and it worked great. And it lasts a really long time as a little goes a long way. 

I am never allowed a bath at home but on the rare occasions I am I like to use bubble bath which smells amazing, and the Sanctuary one does! I also tried this dry shampoo from Insette, I have never been one to buy Batiste dry shampoo as I find ones for £1 work just as good. If my hair is feeling a little brittle and dry I like to use a conditioner treatment, and this one from Andrew Barton worked wonders! I really need to go and buy more of this as my hairs needs some love. If my hair is feeling dry after washing then I add a bit of Aragon oil to help add moisture. To protect my hair I have been using the Treseme Heat Defence for what seems like forever as it’s such a big bottle. 

And lastly I have finished 2 candles from Primark, any candle lovers out there must give Primark a go. Their candles are so inexpensive and smells amazing! 

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  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading! 😊

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      THank you x ☺️

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  2. thecozyowl says:

    Loved this! Definitely going to try the lush face mask xx

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thanks 🙂 it’s amazing! Xx


  3. Adryana says:

    Everyone is raving about the blue Lush mask. It seems I should give it a go. Great post! 👍 😊

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      It is so good! I need to go and buy another one! 😊😊

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  4. I love the Don’t Look At Me face mask, so refreshing!

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  5. These look great! Thanks for sharing!

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