Illamasqua First Impressions 

This is a rather exciting post! Last month in my Feel Unique subscription box I received a card saying I had won a box full of Illamasqua make up worth over £110! 

Ok so as you can see I received some really good products and they are all full size which is the best part. I love the packaging as it’s shiny black where as a lot of other brands tend to use matte black, so this makes a change. I also like how minimal the packaging is and the logo on each item. 

Hydra Veil This is a primer, and it’s also a hydrator. So this is perfect to apply before you make up to make sure your skin is hydrated and refreshed before apply foundation. I can’t wait to start using this, but I feel as it’s quite high end I may save this for special occasions and holidays. This retails at £32. 

Gel Sculpt When I opened this up I had no idea what it was, because it’s so so dark! But it’s actually a contour stick. It’s the shade Silhouette which is a really dark black brown. This is perfect for contouring your cheek bones and it blends out lovely. This retails at £22. 

Gleam Highlighter I also received a cream highlighter in the shade Aurora which is a golden pink. This gives a really strong but subtle glow to your cheek bones and is so creamy and easy to blend. This could so easily become one of my favourite highlighters. This retails at £22. 

Lipstick As soon as I saw there was a lipstick in this box I really hoped that it was a red one as they are my go to, and it was! This lipstick is in the shade Box, and is a really pigmented crimson red. I will get a lot of wear out of this shade. This lipstick retails for £19.50.

Mascara And the final product is a mascara in the shade Raven. I don’t tend to try out different mascaras as I have my favourite, however I am intrigued to try this one out as it looks like it had a nice big brush and the reviews all day it is amazing.  This retails at £18. 

Overall I am so impressed with Illamasqua make up and I am so happy I got to try all this for free. I will ofcourse be incorporating these products into my every day make up routine and will be able to do a review once I have tried them out a bit more. 

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  1. Molly says:

    I’ve heard the best things about Illamasqua! You’re so lucky that you got everything free! Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lillynlilly says:

    I have yet to try anything from Illamasqua. The cream highlighter looks gorgeous!!

    Liked by 1 person

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