Favourite Red/Rorange Lipsticks for the Summer 

With summer gradually appearing and then disappearing I thought it was about time I picked out my favourite bright lips for the summer. The colours I have picked today are more red and orange as I find these really stand out on my skin and make my lips pop. 

Illamasqua Box I recently received this lipstick and am in love! It’s such a lovely warm toned pinky red which is perfect for a summer evening look. 

Mac Starlet Scarlet This lipstick is from the Charlotte Olympia range at Mac, I originally wasn’t going to buy anything from this range but as soon as I saw this colour I fell in love! I love Mac’s mate lipsticks as I find them so long wearing and such good quality. 

Mac Ruby Woo This a must have red lip for anyone who loves Mac and a red lip. This is a retro matte which I find a little more drying than a regular matte, but I overcome that by lining the whole of my lips in a moisturising lip liner. 

Mac Miley Cyrus Viva Glam 2 This gorgeous colour is more on the rorange side of things. Once again it is a matte finish which means it’s long wearing. And the colour is so vivid and in your face. I love it!  


Mac Red This is a satin finish from Mac and is very similar to the Illamasqua lipstick from above. It is on the more pinky side but is a gorgeous colour for the summer. 

Rimmel Kate Moss 110 This is a beautiful shade for the summer, it is so bright. It is more on the coral side of the spectrum, but I would class it as a summery red/rorange. 

Kiko 908 I picked this up over Christmas because that is when my real obsession with red lips began and it hasn’t slowed down. This is such a creamy formula, it glides on so easily. 

MUA Silly me decided to try and take the sticker off just before I took this photo so I have no idea what the shade is. MUA lipsticks are a bargain at £1 each, so you really can’t go wrong with these. I would say this is a great one if you are a little new to wearing a bright lip and need to experiment before you invest in a better quality one. 

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