Feel Unique May Beauty Box 

Once again Feel Unique have the prettiest boxes! 

I have had this box for a few weeks now and have only just got round to writing this post as I have been so busy and have been slacking on the blog game. 

The main item in this box which jumps out to me is the hair brush, this is by a company called Wet Brush. I believe the idea is that you can brush your hair with this brush while your hair is wet and it is less damaging. I really hate brushing my hair, especially when it is wet but this brush has totally saved my hair. It makes brushing it so easy, and it gets the knots out a lot easier than other brushes so I actually look forward to it! 

The next item I received was by REN and I have had this in a different box and I liked it, the only downside is the fact it’s so small. 

Another pretty cool item in the box is by IOMA, and this box contains 7 little pods of moisturiser. I think this is so prefect because I always apply way to much to my skin, so this way it can be rationed. I just love the idea of it! These would be great for going on holiday and carrying around for when your skin need a little pick me up. 

Next up is a hair product from Revlon, called Unique One. This is a spray leave in conditioner and helps repair your hair and protect it. Yet again another great product for taking on holiday and keeping in your beach bag! 

I then received a cute little pot of Vichy which is a face moisturiser which helps stimulate collagen and help your skin look young. 

And finally is a face moisturiser from Decleor. This moisturiser repairs and products your skin and helps it look good. 

Over all I really loved this months box (even though this post is a little late). The majority of these items I will be keeping for when I go travelling as they are such perfect sizes! 

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