Mac Charlotte Olympia Starlet Scarlet 

Even though I had told myself that I do not need any more Mac lipsticks, or any lipsticks in fact I still ended up buying this one. I was on Instagram late one night and saw a photo of it. I had seen it in person in the Mac shop whilst I was in Amsteram but decided I didnt like the packaging, but then I changed my mind and had to buy one from the Charlotte Olympia range. 

I chose the shade Starlet Scarlet because I love red lips, I think it looks so lovely in photos as it makes your lips pop and looks really nice with pale skin. It is a matte formula which I love because it is much more long wearing that other formulas. 

As you can it is a orange toned red, and it’s so bright. It applies to easily and you don’t really need to apply more throughout the day as it is so long wearing. 

The packaging is what made me fall in love with it, originally I was out of with it because I was so used to Mac being the bullet shape. But now I think that’s it’s so chic and I love the gold showing through the clear plastic.  

This is the first Mac lipstick I have bought from a limited edition collection and I can’t wait to buy more. I did have my eye on a Tribal one but once again I’m not struck on the packaging. 

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