E.L.F Haul & First Impressions 

I have been meaning to buy some products from the ELf website for a while now and last pay day I finally made the choice to do it! I had been eyeing up some of the contour products as I thought they looked pretty nice, and well, they are! My order came to roughly £25 which I think is really good for what products I bought. When I was over in the USA last I did try out a few products like the colour correcting powder and the setting spray but other than that I had not tried anything. And from what I remember I really did like their products. I always see people raving about them so it was about time I tried more! 

I love the initial packaging that it comes in, even though these products were only a couple of pounds each they look quite high end. I also love the way you can see what product is in each box and the shades are pretty much and exact match for what’s in the box. The actual packing is near enough the same as the Nars packing which is so sleek and high end looking. I love it! 

I picked up a bronzer which is the top quad, to the right is Turks & Cacus, at the bottom is St Lucia and to the left is Fiji. I then also picked up a highlighter in Blush Gems. 

Here are the swatches of the contour duos. From the top is Figi which is a matte duo and the bronzer in this really reminds me of Nars Laguna. I love the fact that the bronzer mad blush are both matte as I prefer to wear more matte shades on my face rathe than shimmery ones. The middle one is Turks & Cacos which is more shimmery duo, but I still feel like I could wear these for a natural look. And lastly is St Lucia which is a much more warmer bronzer. The last two duos have highlight colours instead of blush which is nice to have options. 

I also picked up a baked highlighter which is looks absolutly gorgeous, it really reminds me of Mac Soft & Gentle as it is a warm shimmery pink. And lastly I picked up a warm bronzer which is made up of 4 shades. This will be a lovely shade of bronzer for the summer to give a sun kissed looked as it has a tiny bit of shimmer to it. 

I am so impressed with ELF products and can’t wait to try more! What are your favourites? 

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  1. zenaidasavia says:

    How great are e.l.f products, so affordable and your right the packaging is like Nars so nice!!

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      I am in love with them! I need to buy more!

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      1. zenaidasavia says:

        Try the e.l.f high definition powders…I just did a post on the yellow corrector and it’s seriously amazing!!

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  2. These look so pretty! I’m a bronzer addict!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliettetalks says:

      You should try these! I’m a bronzer addict too, just can’t help it haha


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