Exploring New Forest 

On Monday my best friend and I ventured to New Foresr which was about half an hour from where we were in Bournemouth. I had never been to New Forest before so I was pretty excited because I knew there would be loads of pretty things to take photos off. We arrived just before 12 noon in a little village called Lyndhurst which was the first one we came too on the road. We parked our car and then walked to the bottom of the high street and there was a huge green open area with horses and donkeys! 

The animals just roam free and are not sacred of cars or humans so you can get really close, but you can’t touch. We went on a walk up a little hill and then back round again. 

Once we had run out of pairing time in he car park we moved the car closer and then set up the blanket to eat our lunch. 

While we were sitting down a donkey came pretty close, he then decided that my ham sandwich was obviously nicer than the grass and that he wanted some. He started sniffing around in my bag and then he started following me. He then started following me around and would not leave, so I ended up just giving him half my eaten sandwich. Just when I thought it was safe, he then decided he wanted the other half of my sandwich so he followed me around again. Then before I knew it 4 other donkeys were joining in and following me. At that point I got pretty scared and thought that my life was over and I was going to be eaten by a heard of donkeys so I dropped my Asda bag and they all tucked into my sandwich. By this point my friend has been videoing it on snapchat but then she came to help get my bag back. The old couple sat a little bit back found it hilarious as well! 

So now I will be steering clear of donkeys! 

After we had moved our blanket and sat in the sun for a few hours we then went to the pub across the road. It was such a cute village pub and did amazing food! 

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