Travel // Turkey 

I am so happy that I used to take photos on a camera all the time, because I have been able to find so many old photos on memory cards and on my laptop that are still perfect to upload! Here are some photos of my trip to Turkey in 2014. 

Turkey had never been on my list to visit, it just didn’t appeal to me. Yet my friend went every year so I agreed to go with her. The hotel we stayed in was shcoking, I have stayed in tents nicer so that was really dissapointing. But the area was really nice, it was so hot and sunny and there were loads of shops. 

Boat Trip 


On one day we decided to go on a boat trip was not exactly what I was used to. I go on my summer holiday with Thomsons so I’m used to platinum quality and this boat trip was not. We were squished into sunbeds, and there was not much room at all. But the views were amazing so that kind of made up for it. I did get off the boat once and swim in the sea but soon I realised that they were emptying the toilet in the sea which was disgusting. 

Jeep Safari 

On another day we went on a Jeep Safari which took us to some nice places and we got to see more of Ichmeller. Over all it was a good trip but I wouldn’t go back. 

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