Travel  // Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam 

Looking through all these photos makes me really miss America and being with my friends. I used to travel before I went to camp, and in 2012 as this was the year I turned 21 I went to Vegas with my camp friends. From Vegas we did a day to trip the Grand Canyom which was beyond amazing! I wish I could be there right now! DSCN4911DSCN4919

We drove to the Grand Canyon from Vegas in my friends truck, there was a group of us that went but we couldn’t all fit in one car. Unfortunately their car broke down and they didn’t get to spend long in the park. DSCN5097DSCN4926DSCN4924DSCN4927DSCN4993DSCN4977DSCN4969DSCN4971DSCN5009DSCN4980DSCN4978DSCN5002DSCN5015DSCN5008

It was a fairly long drive but well worth it. We walked around loads and took so many photos.  Once we had finished we stopped at the Hoover Dam which was also pretty amazing! We arrived at sunset though so nothing was open so it was just a quick visit. We then drove back to Vegas and stopped of at Pizza Hut for dinner. DSCN5102DSCN5100DSCN5103DSCN5112DSCN5104DSCN5113DSCN5140DSCN5115DSCN5135DSCN5116DSCN5143

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  1. Wow you got such a clear day for it.. great pictures!

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you 🙂 x


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