April favourites 🙌🏼

Its May already! How crazy! That means four months till my summer holiday which is so exciting! So here are some of the things I have been loving in April… 

So my actual first thing I am loving is this background, and it’s only a sheet of paper. I bought a few patterned pieces of paper online so I could use them as backgrounds and this is my favorite one by far. Now onto the beauty faves, Loreal True Match foundation. I have been wearing this for the past month and love it so much. I have had it tucked away in my drawer for ages, like since Christmas and I never used it because I always go through phases of being obsessed with one particular foundation, and no I am obsessed with this one. I even had to buy a new one because I have used up one already. Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick has also been my most worn lipstick in April as I have been wearing it for work. And to line my lips I use the Makeup Revolution lip liner in The One. Next is a my all time favourite nail varnish, this is from Kiko in the shade 389. This will most definelty be my most worn colour for the next 5 months no doubt. And ofcourse I can’t forget about my favourite bronzer Nars Laguna which is my go to for my every day make up look. And lastly is this brush type thing, this was a couple of pounds of Amazon and I thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out as I looks like the really expensive ones I’ve seen all over Instagram. I really like this for applying my foundation, I had never used a brush until this and it’s really good to apply foundation evenly and it looks natural and blended. 

Next I have some skin care favourites, with the summer slowly approaching I have been loving to use a bit of fake tan to add some colour. My favourite is the Dove Summer Glow this is a gradual tanner so I like to but this on before bed and when I wake up I have a bit more colour to my skin. I have been loving putting this Elemis hand cream on every night before bed as it smells amazing. And recently I have stopped epilating my legs and have gone back to shaving so I have been using the EOS shave cream which smells amazing and leaves my legs super soft! 

My most worn perfume is Bombshell from Victoria’s Secret, when I wear this I get so many compliment from people because it truly does smell amazing. And for my face wash this month I have gone back to a really old favourite of mine, Simple Triple Action face wash. When I used to have really bad spots I struggled for ages to try and get rid of them, but then I found this face wash and it worked a treat. I think because it was full of more natural ingredients and nothing to harsh it really helped my skin combat my problem areas and now I only have the occasional spot. And my final favourite is my iPod, I have recently updated my music as I am going on a little road trip this month and thought I needed good music for it. 


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  1. That MAC lipstick looks so good. That shade is perfection! Check out my latest post on ” Why my highlighter is better than yours”

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  2. Wow such a great favorites post, Juliette!
    I love using a gradual tanner too, I use Suave’s and it works really well for me!
    Lovely post with great pictures! Xoxo, Karrah

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you! Oh I’ve never tried that one before 🙂 thanks xx


  3. Loved reading through 😊😊

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you x


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