Payday Shopping Haul 

Since pay day I have spent a little bit of money, and I’m sure this won’t be my only haul as I have more stuff on the way being delivered. So here is what I purchased off the Superdrug website and from B&M Bargains. 

Each month I love to do a little Superdrug shop as I love the make up in there, I do ofcourse love expensive brands but recently I’ve been loving the cheaper ones like MUA and Makeup Revolution. 

I picked up my favourite foundation at the moment which is the Loreal True Match in Ivory. I then picked up 3 blue eye liners from MUA, don’t ask me why I need three but I think I will give one to a friend atleast. I really want to try out wearing a pop of colour on my lower lash line and I thought blue would be nice for the summer. The final item is then a blue lipstick, once again I have no idea why I wanted this but I thought it was cool and it was only £1. I don’t think I would actually wear this out but I thought it might be nice for some pictures. 

I then headed over to a new B&M store near me and shops like this always get me, I walk around with my basket and want to buy everything. And by the end my basket was full and so heavy. 

I picked up some nail varnish remover for 99p as I have not had any for ages ( I had been stealing my mums). I then saw some wax melts, which I love, so I had to get these and they were only £1! And then a huge 3 wick candle! And guess how much this was… £2.99! Total bargain! And it smells amazing. 

This toothpaste was only £1 which is very cheap compared to other shops so it’s good to stock up. I then picked up some false nails because well why not, perfect to save for my holiday. And then I got some coconut oil which I like to use as a hair mask, but I also want to try and use it to remove my make up. And this was only £1.50 so another bargain. 

And the final thing from B&M was this cute mason jar for only 89p! It’s so cute and perfect for the summer, I have a huge obsession for these cups so I can’t help myself. 

I then also bought two more items, a brush head for my Clarisonic off Amazon and some face wash from Tescos which was on offer for half price. 

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  1. nayardt says:

    Lovely stuff!

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you xx

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  2. What were these pictures taken on. The vibe is so good.Check out my blog and lets support eachother regularly.

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Just on my iPhone, I bought some patterned paper which is the wood effect. Ofcourse x


  3. Adryana says:

    The Mason Jar looks adorable 😍

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  4. Saskia says:

    I have the same drinking jar. I love it haha. Seriously gives me summer vibes! Also, how is the MUA angled liner? Is it good? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliettetalks says:

      I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but it looks really pigmented and smooth xx

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