Empties #5

I have used up so many products and had been collecting them in a bag and as I had so many I thought I would do another post about them. First off all let’s talk about about the pink hair mask above, this was in a Glossy Box and I would never buy this myself. I really did not like the smell of this, it was just a funny smell that I couldn’t get accustomed too even though I have used it all up. Next is some dry shampoo from Asda, when I bought this dry shampoo I bought two and the first one I used was awful, it did nothing. By then I tired this bottle and it worked, so I obviously had a dud one. Over all for one pound I think it does a good job. Next is another hair mask from Naobay which was also in a Glossy Box, and I did like this one. I used this for more special occasions when I wanted to pamper my hair, so the night before going on holiday. Next I have two deodorant, the first is Nivea and I really like this one and the second is the ladies Lynx which I got in a set for Christmas. I wouldn’t actually buy this again as I wasn’t found of the smell but it did last long and stopped me from smelling which is always good, haha. 

This is a bit more of a random category, I have an empty tub of multi vitamins from Asda which were only a pound and I have re-purchased these. And the I have 2 nail art pens which I would buy again as I find them really hard to use. And lastly is a Barry M glitter nail varnish, I love all Barry M nail varnishes so I would buy this again. 

And the last category is skin care. I have a Garnier moisturiser [green tub] which was good but I wouldn’t buy it again as I like to use stronger moisturisers. Underneath is the Soap & Glory hot cloth cleanser which I found broke me out, even though I always used a real face wash afterwards. So i wouldn’t buy this again, it was good to try and find out what all the hype is about. And below that is one of my favorite face masks from Lush, Done Look At Me. This is a bright blue face mask which has a lovely smell and always made my skin feel clean and fresh afterwards. To the side of the that is my all time favorite Rimmel Stay Matte powder which I already have 2 new ones off, this is wonderful at keeping your face matte throughout the day. Above is the Garnier micelles water which I got while it was on offer. I have to say I would much rather use a face wipe and then wash my face which cleanser rather than using the water to remove my make up. I then have a few bits I got in a subscription box which were really easy to use, I feel like you don’t get enough product though to find out if you actually like it. I also have a Sex Wax lip balm which I purchased about 4 years when I was in Santa Cruz, CA. I haven used it up but I figured I’ve had it for so long it can’t be good anymore!

And that concludes my empties, and I already have a stash of more empty products ready for my next post! 

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