Product Empties #4 

Once again I have used up a lot of things so I thought is oils share my opinions on them and weather or not I would buy them again. 

Simple Toner I bought this about a month ago and hadn’t used Simple in years. I really liked this toner and I would buy this again as I felt it helped my skin. 

Lush Dream Cream I’m not a huge fan of body moisturising so I wouldn’t actually buy this again. I really did enjoy using it and it lasted for over 6 months and smells amazing. 

Loreal Triple Active Day Cream This is my favourite moisturiser, I find it really helps repair my skin after a having a couple of spots and gives it a really good moisturise. This is sometimes sold for £4 at Asda which is a really good deal. 

Garner Moisture Matte Cream I liked this moisturiser for when I didn’t have time to do my foundation but didn’t want a shiny face from my normal moisturiser. It worked really well so I would buy this again. 

Talika Photo Hydra Day Cream I got this in a Glossy Box so I’m not sure how much this actually retails for. But I wouldn’t buy it myself. I found that it was a bit to greasy and hydrating for the day time, especially when trying to apply foundation over the top. 

Balance Youth Serum I decided to start using a serum to just add a little bit more hydration to my skin at night and give it a boost. I did really enjoy using this. 

Classics Nail Polsih Remover This nail polish remover is only a pound from the pound shop and works a treat and lasts a really long time because it’s a huge bottle. 

Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner I also got this in a Glossy Box I believe and it was really god I to use are after washing my hair. Plus it smells amazing! 

I had a sort through my nail polish and these are ones I found that were dried up and not enough left to use. 

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