Hair Care Routine 

Over the past year or so I have been so focused on my hair care and trying to do whatever it takes to make it grow! At the minute my hair is the longest it’s ever been, and I used to think it didn’t grow. But it does! I grew up swimming so I think chlorine was the main culprit for the damage and not allowing it to grow. But I also had highlights, so that combined with chlorine was the perfect combination of bad things for your hair. Now I work in a pool everyday but we use minimal chlorine and I can see so much difference in the condition of my hair. 

So here are my tips and what I have been using to help it grow and be healthy. 


My hair is not naturally blonde, a long time ago it was. Which is why I have always stuck with it as my hair colour, it’s more natural that way. I’ve been having highlights for about 9 years now, but as time has gone on I have reduced the amount I get and how often. I try and leave it a long time before I get my roots done, and plus I kind of like the ombré look. If your using bleach then make sure you are using some good treatments to restore the goodness to your hair.


I can count on my hands the amount of time I used heat on my hair last year. Even though I always use a heat protectant I still feel like it’s not doing any good to my hair. I only straighten my hair for very special occasions. Most of the time my hair dries straight anyway if I keep combing it while it dries. I like to also let my hair dry naturally all year long. 


Extensions have been my saviour, I will not have my photo taken without them in. I feel like they add so much to hair and make me feel whole. I have gone through 4 pairs of extensions since I’ve started wearing them. I buy human hair which works out about £70 because of the length. Yes it’s a little expensive but if your not happy with the length of your hair it can help so much! They really are worth the money! 


I have been taking Biotin for about a month now and I can really notice a difference. My hair growths seems more prominent and I can see my roots as the blonde grows out. Biotin helps promote healthy hair and nails. I also take cod liver oil which helps maintain your hair follicles so healthy hair grows through. And finally I take multi vitamins to just make sure I am getting enough of everything else.

Hair Ties

For the past few years I have only been using the hair tries which look like ribbon. They are thick prices of elastic which are ties together. They reduce creasing in your hair, so when you tie it up you can then take it down again without having to straighten your hair. These hair ties are also less harsh on your hair and reduce the damage a normal hair tie does.  

Healthy Eatting 

Taking vitamins and minerals isn’t the only thing that is going to help your hair grow, you also need to eat the good stuff. I am the worse for healthy eatting but i manage to get in some nutrients by drinking smoothies and making my own soups. 


In order for your hair to grow healthily you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day as dehydration will affect your scalp and prevent hair growth.


Massaging your scalp will stimulate hair growth and get the blood circulating. It also feels really nice, make sure you don’t use your nails though as that will damage your hair follicles. 

  Leave in Conditioner 

Before I comb my hair I use a leave in conditioner of hair oil, this way my hair has less tangles and I am going to cause less damage to it. It also helps style your hair and makes it really soft. 

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