Forgotten Make Up

I have seen shop my stash posts around and thought I would do one as I always seem to use the same make up day in day out. I went through my drawers and picked out the things which I barely touch in hopes that I will find a love for them and start using them!  

 I love filling in my eye brows and I went through a stage of buying loads of brow products to try out, and this ELF brow kit was on of them. Of course I’m used to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow but I would like to give this a shot in the near future. I have dyed my brows recently so I know the darker shade is perfect for a bit of natural colour. 

Next up is a Catrice highlighter pen, I picked this up in Prague last year and it gives such good colour. As its getting into spring I want to try and use this in the inner corner of my eye and also under my brows to add definition. 

Next up is more eye products, these are the only 2 Mayeblline Colour Tattoos I own and I have had these for years, so it could be about time I bought some new ones. They both are really nice metallic bases and have a long lasting power. Once again these would be perfect for brightening your eye shadow and creating a good base. 

I then chose a highlighter from Kiko, I domt actually think I have used this because it is so shimmery! But it would be nice for a night out or in the summer to add a golden touch. 


I chose another highlighter which I barely use, and this one is from Rimmel and is in a liquid form. This is a actually a really subtle natural shade which I must start using more! 

I also found 2 palettes which are pretty much untouched. One is the Andy Warhal palette from Nars, this has some really nice bright Spring/summer colours. The thing that puts me off using this palette is when I swatch the colours they have quite large peices of glitter in them, which makes me afraid. The other palette is Meet Matte Nude(s), this actually has such wearable colours but I never reach for it and I don’t know why! 

And the final item I found was by Clinique, a custom repair serum. I don’t have a clue what this is, so I guess I should google it and find out. I ended up getting this free when Debenhams sent me the wrong order. 

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  1. pehge says:

    The Meet Matte Nude palette actually looks amazing! love the shades! I’m def more of a neutral/matte person.

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