My Top 3 Highlighters 


Out of my collection of highlighters I have picked out my favourite 3 which I use all the time on an everyday basis. Depending on what make up look I am going for depends on which one I use as hey are all different shades and finishes. 

The newest to my collection is Mac Soft & Gentle, this is a very shimmery champagne colour. This is perfect for achieving a summer glow. It has such perfect pigmentation that you don’t need to apply much, I think this pan will last me a very long time! 

Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm is a golden colour and feels so soft in the pan. It applies so nicely and gives a really natural glow. 

I would say the most natural highlighter is by Soap & Glory as this is such a sublet epretty pink glow. It looks so natural and is really easy to build up the colour to make it stand out more. This is definetly one I use on a more day to day basis for work make up. 

Obviously the packaging for all three products is amazing and I love each one with their unique compacts. The only bad thing about the Soap & Glory highlighter is the packaging is vey flimsy and I’m scared I’m gonna pull it apart when I open it up. 

Over all these are three great products and they are well worth a try! If  you have a favourite highlighter which you love leave it in a comment because I want to try out loads more! You can never have enough highlight! 

Top Mac Soft & Gentle Middle The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Bottom Soap & Glory Shimmer Switch  

12 thoughts on “My Top 3 Highlighters 

  1. MAC Soft & Gentle looks absolutely gorgeous on your skin tone! I’d be worried I couldn’t pull off a champagne based shade, but I want to try it! So many people have raved about it. Xx

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    1. It is a lot of money if it doesn’t suit you so that’s the downside :/ but it’s so pretty just to look at haha xx


  2. That mary-lou manizer has been on my wishlist for a while! I currently use colourpop’s smokin’ whistles or freedom highlighter in the colour diffused. Both are so pretty when applied, but kind of pigmented and I kind of tend to go a little bit overboard with my highlighter, oops! xx

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      1. We can’t get them here either, but I got it from a friend who got it from a friend in the USA haha. If you can ever get your hands on it, that highlighter is my holy grail! xx

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      2. Oh that’s so good then, I am planning on going over there next year at some point so I will have to save a lot of money to buy everything haha xx

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  3. I love love love highlighter ❤ I love soft & gentle and mary lour manizer so I'm definitely going to need to try the soap and glory one! It looks so lovely and natural. Great post x

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