Mini Haul // Wax Box


The first item in this haul is Wax Box, this is a monthly subscription box full of waxes and the odd candle. It’s about £10 plus p+p which is really good value for the amount of products you get. The theme of this one is spring and everything smells amazing!  

 Yes, they are more waxes! I bought these off Amazon fro about £2 each and I will be gifting these to my mum as part of her Easter present. I also bought Loreal Volume Lashes mascara off amazon as well for £5. I really want to try out new mascaras so I have more options and as I love Loreal ones I thought this would be perfect.  

 And lastly I bought these cute make up brushes of Amazon for £6 for the set. I bought them because they look like the Real Techniques brushes but are a fraction of the price. But mainly I bought them because they are so pretty! I can’t wait to use them! 

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