Shopping Haul 


How cute is this bag! Primark has some great stuff at the moment and I really had to limit myself because I could of bought so much more. I needed a new bag to take with me to Amsterdam next month as I am only taking hand luggage and needed a bag which could be folded up. So I found this one for £10 and it is so lovely! 

I then also found this cute toiletry bag from Primarok for only £5. I love the way it has the different compartments which makes organising your products so much easier! 

 I am going to be brave one day soon and try out this brow dye. I picked up dark brown, no idea if this will be too dark for me but I guess I can scrub it off hopefully if it is! I will do a blog post when I try this so you can find out how it worked on me! 

I then picked up my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent for only £2.99 from Bodycare.   

  I also picked up this nude lipstick from Makeup Revolution for £1 which is a bargain!  



This palette is gorgeous and will be getting a full review very soon! I have to admit the only reason I really picked it up was because it was mermaid and ocean themed! This was £8 from Makeup Revolution. 

13 thoughts on “Shopping Haul 

  1. Gret post 😊 I love the bag! Make sure to use vaseline round your eyebrows when using the eyebrow dye.. I learnt that the hard way haha xxxx

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  2. I love this haul! That palette is beautiful. Love Makeup Revolution makeup! I have their eyes like angels palette and your palette reminds me of it. Although, this one has more wearable shades!

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