February Glossy Box 


This months Glossy Box was Valentines Day themed. It came with a Wilkinson Sword Razor which looks pretty great so I will be saving this for my summer holiday as I only tend to buy cheap razors (plus I epilate so don’t really have the need for one). Next was an amazing hair mask from Naobay which is amazing! I used this at the weekend and the whole week my hair has been so manageable and soft compared to normal. I wash my hair everyday because of being in the pool but this mask has really helped it! There was also a cute pair of floral tweezers, but I tend to only use the one pair I’ve had since I started plucking my eye brows years ago. So I might not use these but they would make a nice present for someone. And next was a brown eye liner, I’ve never really tried a brown eyeliner before so I will be giving this ago. I also thought I could maybe fill my brows in with this depending on how dark it is on them. And lastly was a lip glaze from MUA and this actually has amazing colour as you can see above! Normally lip glosses are very sheer but this one has so much colour, plus I love a good purple lip! 


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