Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review 

This mascara has been floating around the beauty world for a while now and finally I got this for Christmas. I ended up buying it from Sephora and getting it shipped over which was cheaper than buying it over here. 

The packaging is so pretty and looks really high end, which it is. This is the first product from Too Faced I have tried and so far I am impressed. I love the colour of the tube and the texture of it as its metal. When you are using the wand the handal is heavier than my normal mascara and this makes it a little harder to use. 

The brush is very big, in comparison to why I normally use it is a lot wider. And because the brush is the same length along the whole of the brush it makes it a lot harder to get the outer corner eye lashes. 

The first time I tried this mascara I applie for straight to the lash and it took a while to build up the volume and length that I like. The second time I applied an eye lash primer and this was a lot better. The mascara definetly adds a lot more volume to your lashes but building up length is harder. 

Over all I really like the product and I will wear it on special occasions so I don’t waste it. 

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