Wax Box Subscription Service 

This is by far my favourite subscription box service! I always know that I am going to be able to use everything in the box and not worry about not liking something. This is about £10 a month plus postage and it arrives the first week of the month. You receive 5 wax melts/candles and each month is normally themed. This months theme is Valentine’s Day so everything is really cute and pink. 

There are four wax melts and one candle in this months box. The little bright pink wax in the scent Pink Champagne & Pomello is my favourite this month and makes the whole box smell amazing even though the wrapping. The strawberry ice cream wax melt literally smells like strawberry ice cream and has a lovely sweet smell. The yellow wax melt in the scent Chocolate Cake, I’m not a fan of chocolate smells but it kind of reminds me of Autumn. And my least favourite smell is the other wax melt in the scent Black Cherry and I will be giving this away as it is just not for me! The candle also smells really nice and is in the scent Patchouli & Tibetan Musk. 

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  1. helloleaa says:

    Strawberry Ice cream wax melt! I better not show my boyfriend this, he’ll want everything.

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  2. These are simply great!! 🙂

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