Mac Saint Germain 

I have been wanting this lipstick for ages now, well a year or so but I’d put of buying it because there were other shades I wanted more. But when I went to Copenhagen a few weeks ago I decided I would buy this one. At duty free they didn’t really have a lot of options and I knew they had this one so I had set my mind on it. I ofcourse have a few shades like this already from other brands but you can’t beat Mac. 

This is the perfect pink shade, it’s not to bright but bright enough. It kind of reminds me of a paler Barbie shade. It’s so creamy on your lips and I think the colour would look even greater over a lip liner. 

This will definelty be a great shade for spring to add a pop of colour to your make up! 

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  1. simplyamelie says:

    This has really inspired me to try out a pink lip color!! Ty x

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  2. I have this and it is simply so amazing x

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      I agree, can’t wait to use it more! X


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