Barcelona Day 3 // Sagrada Familia 

  Our final day in Barcelona was spent doing the final touristy bits. Once we had packed up all the bags and checked out of the hotel we got the metro to the Sagrada Familia which was actually really easy to get to. The metro was so much easier than the underground and it was in Spanish!  






  We bought our tickets for the Sagrada Familia on the day and paid $ 18 for the general ticket which is just to go inside and walk around. When I went the first time I paid a lot more and went up in the towers and could see over Barcelona. We wondered around the inside and took lots of photos. It’s a beautiful building, and the windows are just amazing! 



 After that we found a Starbucks and sat on a bench in a little park opposite the Sagrada Familia.



 We then decided to go and find the Barcelona Outlet which didn’t actually exist so we had a nice walk around and luckily I had been in that area before so I had a rough idea where we were going. We made our way down to the sea front and found some shops and restaurants. We went to a chicken place and sat outside in the sun. The food there was awful, made me really appreciate Hard Rock Cafe even though it is a little more expensive. 

  After lunch we went for a walk on the beach and it looked so pretty because the sun was already starting to set. We had about an hours walk back to the hotel and on the way we stopped and got ice cream.  

We then picked up a Subway to take to the airport and went and got our bags from the hotel and headed to the airport in a taxi.  


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