Throw Back | My trip to Prague

Over the Easter holidays I went to Prague. Prague wasn’t on my list of places to go, but my Mum had been told it was a lovely place and now she wanted to go.
We arrived in Prague late at night and was initially worried about getting a taxi to hotel but that was no problem. We stayed in the Grand Majestic Hotel Plaza not far from any attraction which made it a prime location.

The first day in Prague we explored the grounds of the castle.



The second day we booked onto a walking tour which was possibly not the best your as it ended up snowing a lot that day.

After walking round the castle we found the John Lennon Memorial which had some pretty cool grafiti.


Then we headed over to the famous Charles Bridge which is where part of Mission Impossible was filmed.

We also had a trip on the river, on a steam boat.

Our tour guide was giving a huge explanation on how the astronomical clock (above) works but both my mum and I did not have a clue. This was the last stop of the the tour so we had a quick look round the easter market and then headed back to the hotel.

On the final day before we headed back to the airport we decided to go up Petrin Tower which is the highest part of Prague.


After getting caught in another snow storm we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe to warm up and have a hot chocolate.

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