Kefalonia Day 2

 Today was my first day experiencing the full Greek heat! The highest it reached today was 35degree which is very hot compared to England and the humidity was at 55% so that made it feel even hotter. 

We started the day by heading down to breakfast, of course this was a trek as our room was far away from the hotel. Breakfast was a lot better than what e had for dinner, much more variety and they had the windows open along the side of the restaurant. 

After breakfast we had a bit of a wait till the pool opened at 9am and then we picked our sunbed. We then had our welcome meeting from Thomsons  and booked a trip which we are going on tomorrow. One of the places we are going to looks amazing and I have seen photos of it on Pinterest so I can’t wait to take a million and one photos of that. 

  We then spent most the day in the sun. I am the kind of person who wants to be tanned but doesn’t like the heat. I have never before used the umbrella as shade before on holiday and I had to use it quite a lot today, but I still think I got pretty tanned. As we are half board we took some snacks to eat for lunch and then as I knew we were going on a walk I knew I need food in me before that or I would be grumpy the whole way. So I had a pizza and a chocolate milkshake. The milkshake was heavenly and I will definatly be having another one.  


This afternoon we changed rooms and moved into the the actual hotel, it is a lot nice and easier to get to but we are changing again tomorrow to a high floor. We must seem like the most problematic customers ever but for one week a year why not make the most of it.

  Before dinner we went on a walk with the Thomsosn rep to nearest town and had a drink and a wonder around. And this is the highlight of my day, turtles! I saw a sea turtle! It was literally a metre away from me just eatting its dinner! Hopefully we will see a lot more wildlife over the next few days. 

 My Instagram has been taken over by photos of the sunset tonight, but it is beautiful. I keep snapping away and then it sets even further and gets even prettier. 

At this very moment I am sipping on a Fanta and Malibu watching the sunset and listening to the waves crashing on the shore below. Over all this has been a pretty good day and I can’t wait till tomorrow! 


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  1. Hugely jealous… Think it was 16 degrees here… Looks amazing thanks for the list – a wandering memory

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    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thanks! I do miss the colder weather though 🙂


      1. Really? Where abouts are you located? As London wasn’t great today although it’s not raining which is nice… Thanks for the thoughts on a beautiful location… Hope some of my blogs do the same


      2. juliettetalks says:

        In Luton so not that far, I just don’t like being this hot but il be complaining when I get home lol


      3. Ha we are actually in dunstable… Small. world… Believe me enjoy it your not missing anything here…

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  2. darshanakoirala says:

    Great post. Love the pictures!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. juliettetalks says:

      Thank you


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