Mini Beauty Haul 

  I was hoping for a relaxing weekend not doing anything so I could pack for next weekend as I’m away. But, my friend asked if I wanted to go to the new diner in town so we went and then I ended doing a little bit of shopping aswell. 

  I love using eye creams now, it makes me feel like I am taking care of my skin and helps my make up sit better on it. 


 I also couldn’t resist checking out the Soap and Glory section in Boots as this has become my new favourite skin care brand. I got a new face mask, which I have to admit I still have loads of the first one left but it’s one of my favourite products by them. And then I got a spot treatment which always comes in handy especially as I am going on holiday soon.

These are my favourite type of hair tie, they don’t damage your hair and leave it with out a crease once you take it out. 

  And lastly, I have seen everyone buying this palette from Maybelline so as I past the Maybelline section I thought I would see if they had it. 


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