My Camp America Experience: part 4

What I don’t miss… 


  1. The wildlife! The spiders, raccoons, snakes and mountain lions! 
  2. The BIFFY (bathroom in the forest for you), some were ok but some were not and I did not enjoy using them! 
  3. The cold! It was freezing at night and I would have to wrap up in loads of layers and hope I stayed warm all night! 
  4. The fog, the fog set in mainly in the morning and made morning really miserable but then in the afternoon it was a lot clearer. 
  5. The food! I am fussy eater and they served a lot Mexican food so I lived on ham and cheese sandwiches. 
  6. Not showering, my main reason for not wanting to shower at camp was because they wernt looked after and I hate hair so automatically that was a no and I used a spigget instead. 
  7. Being woken up in the middle of the night by a homesick camper. 
  8. The early mornings and late nights. 

Luckily this list is a lot shorter than my last post and none of these things would really impact my decision on going back to camp. Maybe one day I will after all it doesn’t feel like home!  


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