My Camp America Experience: part 3

 What I miss…

  1. Waking up and knowing I am in Californai, not everyone can do that and it feels great! 
  2. Sleeping in a tent, I have not slept in tent I a few years and I actually miss it.
  3. Being in a forest, even though it was scary at night (mainly because I watch horror films) it was a magical place among the Redwoods. 
  4. Being able to make a one match fire, I was the queen of fire making. 
  5. That brings me onto the smell of camp fires, we would constantly smell of it and everytime I smell fire now I love it! 
  6. People thinking your American until you speak and they are that shocked they didn’t actually understand what you were saying. 
  7. Get freebies because they like your accent. 
  8. Learning about nature and knowing more than the locals. 
  9. Going to a real American family house, they are huge and so welcoming. 
  10. Singing camp songs, when I’m sat at work on my own I still sit there singing songs which I’m surprised I still know the words to. 
  11. Not worry why you look like I camp, wearing pyjamas is acceptable all day! 
  12. Face painting! 
  13. Complains about being cold one minute and then having a heat wave the next! 
  14. The smells from the beach hike! There is just something the smell of the mountains on the way to the beach. 
  15. Grilled cheese and tomato soup! This was the best day of each session! 
  16. The day the campers leave, yes it was fun having them there but nothing beats the feeling of freedom for 3 days and not having to worry about anything. 
  17. Being woke up because the hot sun is gleaming through the tent. 
  18. Not showering for as many days as possible! 
  19. Spigget showers. 
  20. The friends I made!  


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