My Camp Experience: Photo Album part 1

First trip to San Francisco in 2009


Sitting on the shower house roof watching a meteor shower


Santa Cruz Pier


Kiantis Restaurent in Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz Pier


Staff Training in 2009


Seeing Wicked in San Francisco with Rocky



View from Inspiration Point in Camp


Eatting smores with Coco


At Point Lobos in 2012  


Bixby Bridge in Bug Sur


Big Sur


Coco, Dory and I at Big Sur

Big Sur  

Big Sur


Hearst Castle in 2011

Hearst Castle in 2012  

Hearst Castle  


Hearst Castle

Camping in Monterey 

Dory and I playing with the radios   


Point Lobos

Climbing a tree in Monterey  


This raccoon stole one of my Toms Shoes 


Sunset on Moonstone beach in 2011


Bubblegum alley in San Louis Obispo


The Redwoods in Camp


Fern Grove at Camp


Staff training in 2012

Seals at Point Lobos


Point Lobos


View from Inspiration point at camp 


Staff training with Flash and Turlte


We attempted a 6am swim, it didn’t happen 


Staff Training in 2012


The dining hall


Playing Dress up 


Roller Skating in 2012


Skits at camp fire 


Point Lobos 


My fire 


Painting Dorys hair with Wildflower 


Driving along Highway 1


Driving down Highway 1


In the Pacific Ocean in 2012


Sea Kayaking 


At Point Montara Lighthouse

Wrapped up to go to bed   



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